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USA: to buy iPad only credit cards

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USA: to buy iPad only credit cards –

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Those who intend to purchase iPads must only pay by credit card. This is a new limitation introduced by Apple in the last few hours which is added to the limit of only 2 iPads that can be purchased per single customer, even if this represents a large company. It is worth noting that while the purchase limit of only 2 iPads in force since the opening of reservations in the USA, on the day of the launch April 3 in the Apple Stores it was possible to buy without problems with cash payment.

Some employees of the US Apple Stores have told some customers that the ban on cash payments was introduced by Apple to block the gray trade carried out by those who buy large quantities of iPad in the USA and then resell them in the import markets abroad at higher prices, this despite the purchase limit of 2 units. So far, Apple has not released any official statements so refusing to pay cash is still quite mysterious.

The story emerged from the refusal opposed to Diane Cambell, who had decided to buy an iPad by paying in cash. The woman, disabled and in poor economic conditions, cannot have a credit card and for this, in the current state of things, she is not even able to buy an iPad. I thought I could finally have my first computer – said Diane to the San Francisco local network KGO-TV – but I was told that I could not buy it except by credit card. The story is causing some uproar in the overseas media and on the US sites that stigmatize Cupertino's rigidity in the face of a situation that would have recommended taking a more conciliatory and understanding attitude.

Beyond the rather regrettable affair involving Diane Campbell, the detail must be kept in mind for those planning a business trip or a holiday in the USA: to buy iPad overseas a credit card is required.

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