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US retailers await events

US retailers await events logomacitynet1200wide 1

American retailers are satisfied with the ongoing discounts on Cubes and PowerBooks. At least this seems to understand by reading an article published by MacWeek during which some of the major protagonists of American sales chains are interviewed. Now it is a question of seeing if the promotions will actually be able to move the number of cars sold. "Our sales staff – they say to Macconnection – are satisfied with the promotion. But the program has just been launched and we have not yet seen the effects ". Other retailers, while continuing to argue that this is an excellent offer, argue that so far few customers have taken advantage of it mainly because it was not promoted with great conviction by Apple itself. "They should do sports TVs – said Sonny Tohan, owner of Mac Business Solutions of Gaithersburg, Maryland – or something like that. Apple will sooner or later have to adapt to make advertising that focuses on prices and speed. Of all the retailers interviewed by MacWeek the most satisfied are those of ClubMac whose Cubic sales have jumped by 45% since last Friday. "Although it must be said that it didn't take long since we sold very few – said marketing director Jim Marasco – but I didn't think anyway that we would have seen progress of this magnitude in such a short time". The interview was also the occasion to discuss the possible new products that Jobs has mentioned in recent days. Many retailers believe that one of the most important things Apple should work on is a speed bump of its machines. "Our customers continually tell us that the latest Pentiums – says Lee Mashinter of Mostly Mac, a Canadian retailer – are faster than Macs". Whether it's just a sort of "urban legend" or not and then the Macs in the field are fast or maybe even faster than the Pentium, it doesn't matter. Apple must also deal with this competition. "If we had a G4 at 1 GHz – adds Mashinter – we would massacre the PC competition". For Cubes, on the other hand, the ideal would be a reference price of around 1,300 "but for now – says Marasco – promotions are also going well". Going back to today, retailers claim that Apple should go back on some of its steps to allow stores to compete more with Apple Store. For example, the Cupertino company should allow the sale of all the products it sells online and ease the grip on the restrictions that prohibit many sites from selling new machines on the Internet. The first request seems to have already been accepted. Some US retailers already offer 500MHz iBook Lime and Cubes. Pro keyboards and optical mice may also become available in the coming days.

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