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US market analysis on Bluetooth

US market analysis on Bluetooth –

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It is no longer a mystery that the Cupertino management has an innovative peripheral available, the iSphere, the modern version of the crystal ball of the fortune tellers, with which it is easier to make the right decision at the right time. 😉

Examples of the past include the moment when Apple firmly embraces the USB standard, while the rest of the world was still struggling between PS / 2, serial and parallel ports. In this period, then, the Apple house guessed another very propitious moment to support a technological standard, for many months in the balance between confusion and oblivion: Bluetooth.

And that the timing was perfect testifies to a recent research by In-Stat / MDR, an agency that deals with market analysis in the high-tech sector: a percentage of users that stands at around 45% are said to familiar with this type of technology. The analysis of the data also shows a strong appreciation for the advantages related to it and the willingness to spend to enjoy these advantages. The possibility of printing via radio waves and accessing the internet without the cable constraint are among the elements of greatest interest to the general public.

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