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Uninstall programs and applications on Mac

Uninstall programs and applications on Mac


Guide: how to uninstall programs and applications on Mac.How to uninstall a program from Mac.How to Uninstall Programs on Mac Computers

Uninstall applications from Mac: here's how Delete Mac programs

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How to uninstall programs on Mac: here is the complete guide | Delete Mac programs

"How do I uninstall programs from the Mac?", one of the most frequently asked questions that can be read in the various forums. Here is the answer to your problem.

You have just bought a Mac and you can'tuninstall programs and applications? No problem, with our guide all the problems will be solved.If you have an Apple computer with Mac Os X operating system, you can run into the doubt about where is the special menu from which to uninstall the applications unwanted and / or unused. Even if you are used to Windows and its Control Panel, with Mac OS the procedure is even simpler and faster than Windows.

Compared to the classic Windows PC, uninstall programs on Mac slightly different. Fortunately, however, the procedure to uninstall applications and programs on Mac not at all difficult to follow and in a few clicks you will be ready for remove unnecessary programs from your Mac.

If you must uninstall and remove applications and programs from your Mac, here's how you can do it in a few simple steps.

Do you want remove any application, game or program from Mac and you don't know how to do it? No problem, here are the steps to follow. As we anticipated, the procedure that you must follow for uninstall Mac applications it is much easier than what you need to do on Windows. Here's how to do it.

How to uninstall programs and applications on Mac OS X

To uninstall Mac applications all you have to do is drag the icon of the program you want to remove directly to the Trash. Nothing could be simpler.

But let's see the steps to follow for uninstall games, applications and programs on Mac.

First of all you need to go to the Maced Applications folder to locate the software, program or application icon you want uninstall.

Once you have opened the Applications folder on Mac, locate the icon of the application you want to install, click on it and drag it to the trash.

Alternatively, you can click with the right mouse button on theapplication you want to uninstall from Mac and choose the "Move to Trash" item from the menu that appears. Once the Trash is emptied, the program will be uninstalled from the system. The Trash acts as a safety net, to avoid that you can delete something permanently by mistake. If you open the Trash, you can view its contents and restore items if necessary.

Nothing could be simpler, right? Here how to uninstall apps and programs from Mac.

Just to be fair, I point out that there is a alternative method to uninstall and remove applications and programs from Mac. How to do? Using the programAppCleaner.

MAC OS X: How to remove applications

Uninstall a software and delete the files related to it. An operation now possible with AppCleaner, a convenient and free application to keep your Mac free from files that would become useless once the program to which they refer is deleted.

It is a free application available for OS X that analyzes the contents of the hard disk and allows you to uninstall the selected programs completely.The interesting thing that this program allows you to completely uninstall applications, games and programs from the Mac, preventing them from leaving any residue on the system and freeing up space on the hard disk.

To uninstall Mac applications with AppCleaneryou have to follow these steps:

  • download the app by clicking HERE
  • install it on the MAc
  • avviateAppCleaner
  • to uninstall games, apps and programs from Mac with AppCleaner you have to drag in the window of the program icon of the application you want to uninstall and then click on the "Delete" button located at the bottom of the window.

Well, I would say that now really everything. We have seen together the best methods available for uninstall applications and programs on Mac.

If you know other methods to uninstall apps on Mac you just have to report them in the comments.

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