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Unified apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac: for a unique user experience

unified apple apps

Unified apps for Mac and iPhone; Apple intends to give users a set of apps that work equally well on the entire family of Apple devices.

Arriving from Apple the unified Apps between Mac and iPhone. Apple's iPhone and iPad have introduced a new way to interact with computers: through easy-to-use applications, accessible in a highly maintained App Store. The same approach did not work as well on Apple desktops and laptops. The Mac's App Store is a ghost town with a limited selection and rarely updated programs (there are Apple recommended iPhone apps). Now Apple plans to change it by giving people a way to use a single set of combined apps that work equally well across the family of devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Unified apps for Mac and iPhone

unified apple apps

Starting next year, according to some informed people, software developers will be able to design a single application that works with a touchscreen or mouse and trackpad depending on whether it is running on the iPhone and iPhone operating system. 'iPad or on Mac hardware.

Unified apps: the advantage for developers

The developers currently have to design two different apps: one for iOS, the operating system of Apple's mobile devices and one for macOS, the system that runs on Macs and, of course, it's about extra work. In addition, Apple customers have long complained that some Mac apps are drifting slightly, for example, while the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad is regularly updated with the latest social networking features, the Mac version doesn't recently updated and generally considered poor. With a single app for all machines, Mac, iPad and iPhone users will have new features and updates available at the same time.

Unified apps for Mac and iOS opinions

Unify the apps could help the platforms iOS and macOS to evolve and grow together, and not one at the expense of the other "says Steven Troughton-Smith, a longtime authoritative app developer and voice in the Apple community; "This would be the biggest change in Apple's software platform since iOS was introduced."

It seems that Apple is developing this strategy as part of the upcoming major iOS and major MacOS updates. With the code name "Marzipan", the secret project planned as a multi-year effort which will begin to develop in the next year and could be announced at the annual developer conference in the summer. Plans are still fluid, so the implementation may change or the project may still be canceled.

Unified apps also for Windows

Apple would not be the first to bring mobile and desktop apps together, in fact, before dropping Windows for smartphones, Microsoft Corp. had launched a technology called Universal Windows Platform that allows developers to create applications that can run on all its devices: tablets, telephones and computers. Similarly, Google has brought some mobile apps from the Google Play store to some laptops with Chrome OS, allowing users to use apps for smartphones and tablets like Instagram and Snapchat even on their computer.

Unified App Store for Mac and iOS

It is not clear if Apple intends to unify even the Mac and iOS App Store currently separated, but note that the version of the store running on the iPhone and iPad has been redesigned this year, while the Mac version has not been updated since 2014. The initiative of Apple's unified apps is part of a wider long push term to make the basics of its hardware and software more similar. The company has recently launched a T2 nelliMac Pro chip, which removes the burden of some features, such as security and power management, from the main Intel processor, taking it to the processor designed by Apple. In a way that Apple plans to unify apps, it could even one day use the same main processor on Macs and iOS devices.