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Understanding traces of infections on the android device

Unfortunately sooner or later it had to happen. With the huge development of the market for Android devices and the exponential expansion of the users of this operating system, threats have always arisen that afflict electronic devices that for one reason or another connect to the Internet. At the moment there is a virus that is driving the experts of the software houses specialized in the production of programs for the detection and elimination of viruses on Android devices. This trojan horse, called Backdoor.AndroidOs.Obad.a, seems to be able to penetrate the device's operating system without encountering major difficulties. The new Trojan horse is a real danger for all those who own infected devices as its main function is to send SMS to toll-free numbers, of course without the user's knowledge, creating a considerable telephone charge.

Furthermore the Backdoor.AndroidOs.Obad.a manages to send a copy of itself via bluetooht infecting other devices. Currently this virus cannot be eradicated by normal anti-virus software as the code is so complicated that it is not being possible to find an adequate countermeasure. Of course there are hints that suggest that your device has been infected by a virus, not necessarily by the terrible trojan mentioned above. Following a few but essential points:

First of all you have to keep your bills under control. As per the example of the mysterious trojan Backdoor.AndroidOs.Obad.a, almost all android viruses are aimed at performing two main functions: scam and proliferation. Very often both these actions are carried out by checking the function for sending SMS. Pay attention to bills and all messages sent even if sent with a strong distance. Of course, check your bills for credit card numbers. Check the spikes of data in the wireless connection, this function can be found in the options in the wireless and connections section, viruses are often designed only to steal personal data. Check well for abnormal energy consumption and for abnormal loss of performance. These two factors are indicative as a virus tends to perform multiple background operations.

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