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Unable to delete print job in Windows

Unable to delete print job in Windows

Have you ever come across the situation where you sent a job to the printer, but you simply refused to print? Check the print job queue and everything looks fine, but nothing happens?

So either nothing happens or the print job ends up failing and USUALLY simply leaves. If not, you must enter the print job queue and manually delete the print job, otherwise it will keep all new jobs arriving on the printer.

However, there are those few print jobs that get stuck and simply refuse to delete them! Cancel, clears or remove the print job, but it still remains in the queue. If you cannot delete a print job in Windows, you must stop the print spooler service completely, delete the print job, and then restart the service.

Manually remove the print job in Windows

Note that when you stop the print spooler service and delete the print jobs, you will need to delete ALL current print jobs as it is not possible to distinguish one print job from another.

Step 1 : first go up Start, then Run and type services.msc . Scroll down to the service Print spooler, right-click on it and select Stop .

Step 2 : Now that the print spooler service has stopped, we need to go to the Windows folder where all print jobs are spooled and delete them. Go to the following directory:

 C:  WINDOWS  system32  Spool  Printers 

Delete everything inside this folder. DO NOT delete the folder itself, only everything it contains. This will remove all the print jobs currently in the print queue.

Step 3 : go back to the window Services and right-click on the service Print spooler and select Starts . Go back to the print job queue and update it. Now you should see that all the print jobs have been removed and you can start printing again normally.

If you have a very important print job already queued behind the failed print job, deleting all jobs may not be an option for the user. If so, you can transfer the print queue to another printer and let it print all other jobs in the queue. I'll write another post on how to do it soon. To enjoy!