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Uber reaches 5 billion journeys: in Italy it has 83 thousand unique users

A new milestone for the Californian transport app, which recently won an appeal in Italy to be able to continue providing its service

The city travel app, repeatedly targeted by competitors, operates in 6 continents, 76 countries and over 450 cities with 12,000 employees worldwide and 40 million passengers active every month. There are 1.5 million drivers operating worldwide (600 thousand of which are in the United States only).

In Italy, where not even two months ago won the appeal to be able to continue to provide its service, Uber active only on Milan and Rome, for a total of83 thousand unique users (people who have made at least one trip with Uber in the past 3 months) and about milleautists.

curiosities: 6 of the 156 races who made the 5 billion world mark reach their first experience, one (in Jakarta, Indonesia) was with the UberMOTO two-wheel service.

The shortest of these trips lasted a few minutes just over 2 blocks in San Francisco while the longest was 27km in Singapore (the city spans 50km).


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