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Uber introduces a chat service between drivers and passengers

Goodbye to the excited calls between the platform drivers and their guests: in case of unexpected events, you can organize yourself from within the app

(Photo: Uber)

The days of excited calls between Uber motorists and their lost passengers who knows where are gone. The company has in fact announced the arrival of a chat service entirely inside the app, designed to replace voice communications via cellular network calls which until now were the only way for drivers and customers to find themselves at the place of their appointment in the event of a hitch.

Each Uber customer will have experienced such a situation at least once: the designated driver shows up at the appointment in the place indicated within the app, but does not find his guest; the call starts but the disturbed communication or the accent of the interlocutor is not entirely intelligible (or vice versa), and misunderstandings are created that they make both of them lose precious minutes, or even blow up the race for waiver by the driver.

From today, such situations can only improve. The textual one channel less ambiguous from every point of view, especially when, as often happens in tourism, drivers and passengers do not speak the same language; the service also does not require additional costs n to use your telephone number as it happens with sms; finally safe, because reads messages through a voice synthesis system directly to the driver if he is still behind the wheel.

To use the new feature, you just need to have the latest version of the app: the release is taking place gradually over the past few weeks.


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