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Two new Nvidia chips

Two new Nvidia chips –

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Pending the commercial launch (after the announcement in the context of the Comdex Fall in Las Vegas) of its NV30 chip, Nvidia "breaks the hole" against the increasingly arrogant ATI with the presentation of two new chips of the NV28 series.

The processors represent an update of the GeForce Ti4600 and 4400 and will be called GeForce4 Ti 4800 and 4800 SE.

The presentation of the chips, which took place without fuss, intended to provide greater competitiveness to the Titanium series processors and to act as a bridge before the presentation of the GeForce FX.

According to some Taiwanese observers and producers, however, the two new processors may not have a long life. By the time the NV30 reaches sufficient production volumes, and this could happen between January and February, the two processors may be discontinued.

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