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Two new effects packs for iMovie coming from GeeThree

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The two new GeeThree packages called 3 and 4 that work with both Mac OS X and 9 have very interesting features.

Slick Volume ThreeTransitions- adds 50 new transitions such as the classic “page turners, waves, Flap and Flop and many others.

Effects – SoftPaint transforms the video into a sort of moving picture. Color Tint and RGB adjust allow color toning or tonal corrections. Fisheye adds a pushed wide angle deformation and there is even a rotation effect to correct not exactly level shots.

Titles – 30 new titration possibilities are added with full screen occupation or unusual effects of movement.

Slick Volume Four: Hollywood EditionIt presents possibilities so far unthinkable for iMovie, born only with simple cross-fading effects and not mixing videos.

VidMix Blue screen technology for iMovie. With this plug it is possible to combine two different video sources using a color key (usually blue), brightness or a cutout filter: in this way it will be possible to make characters move on fantastic or real backgrounds with the only foresight to have filmed the protagonist against a background of uniform color that does not appear on the clothes and accessories he wears.

Picture in Picture It is possible to insert a second picture into another in a resizable box.

Split Screen Two video sources are combined for side-by-side comparison

Matte-tasticUsing alpha channels to superimpose logo and any surface on a moving video.

SlickMotionA stand-alone application that creates high quality panning from high resolution photos. A program that should not be missing from the documentary tools. You can see an example at this link.

The 2 volumes will be available at the end of July. A series of 9 fully functional filters can be downloaded for free on the GeeThree website.