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Two former Apple iPad processor engineers found new company

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A group of managers and engineers who worked around the A4 project, the processor behind the iPad, left Apple. The New York Times gave the information, in the context of an article dedicated to the chip.

To have left are prominent figures including Mark Hayter, one of the technicians and chief executives among those who from PAsemi had moved to Cupertino. Hayter of PASEmi was systems architect and vice president of hardware, basically the main person in charge of the processor development sector. Apple also left Amarjit Gill, who was in charge of sales and business development at PASemi and who co-founded PASemi with Dobberpuhl.

The managers who left Cupertino, the ever-informed EETimes points out, would be half a dozen and everyone would have married, at least from what is learned from LinkedIn, to Agnilux, a new company that would be led by Hayter and Gill. Little or nothing is known about the Agnilux except that according to some rumors he would have started working with Cisco and for new server processors. The purpose would be the same that Apple is pursuing with the incorporation of PASemi: to create low-consumption components based on ARM architecture.

According to the clues collected, the two managers, in any case, would have left Apple at a very early stage of the development of the A4 processor which would therefore have been created, in fact, without their contribution. The abandonment of Hayter and Gill, and of all the other engineers, would therefore not be decisive in light of the future development of the chip and its hypothetical inclusion in the next iPhone.