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Twitter limitations to tweets of people who behave badly

twitter limitations for those who misbehave

Be wrong and Twitter will start limiting how often your tweets are displayed. Incoming from Twitter limitations on the visibility of tweets of people who do not respect the policy

Be wrong and Twitter will start limiting how often your tweets are displayed. Incoming from Twitter limitations on the visibility of tweets of people who do not respect the policy

Twitter behavior-related limitations

Twitter has announced a huge change in the way its conversations will work, evaluating not only the content of individual tweets, but how users behave more generally when they use the service. Twitter user now thousands of behavioral signals during filtering of algorithmic research, answers and recommendations. In the event that Twitter believes you are abusing the service, or you are acting inconsistently on the platform, it will limit the visibility of your online activities. This is the biggest update so far in the company's drive to create healthier conversations, an initiative announced by its CEO Jack Dorsey for some time.

Twitter limits the criteria

Among the signals that Twitter will use for this purpose will fall even if tweeton a large number of accounts you do not follow, how often you are blocked by the people you interact with, if you have created many accounts from a single IP address and if your account is closely related to others who have violated the terms of service.

"Most of our past actions have been about content and we have moved more and more towards the conduct and behavior implemented on the system," said Dorsey at a meeting at the company's headquarters in San Francisco.

During the tests, Twitter stated that the changes have led to an 8% drop in conversational abuse reports (understood as the discussions that occur in responses to a tweet) and un 4% decrease in reports of abuse in research. According to the company, these numbers indicate that something is working. Less than 1% of the total accounts make up the majority of those reported for abuse, said Del Harvey, VP of Twitter Trust and Safety. Twitter believes that identifying at least a part of it and proactively reducing its reach could generate great results.

Twitter limitations for an important change

"It probably represents our most impactful change," said Dorsey.

Twitter obviously promised many corrections to its problems in the past and produced mixed results. still far from being troll-free, regularly used to spread misinformation and still home to legions of scrammer-scammers who steal identities. Twitter spent much of 2017 apologizing for its missteps.

The company believes that these changes can be effective, in particular because they can be applied globally, regardless of language, as they are entirely action-based. "It doesn't depend on hiring more people," Dorsey said. "A model integrated into the network."

Twitter other limitations coming

He also said that other changes are coming to Twitter along these guidelines, but he did not want to further describe the roadmap.

The company will make the new behavioral filters optional and will be active by default. People will be able to activate or deactivate them with the "Show All" feature in the search. The changes will begin to be presented this week.

The changes to Twitter are therefore intended to reduce the scope of various inappropriate behaviors, from abusive tweets to scammers who use fake accounts to increase their presence in search results. Dorsey has also made it clear that, although optimistic, he does not delude himself that these devices will solve everything.

"This is not a point of arrival," he said, "we must constantly be ten steps ahead. Because even with a system like this, a new model, people will understand how to deceive it, exploit it. "

twitter limitations for those who misbehave