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Twitter launches 360-degree live videos and challenges Facebook

360-degree video Periscope Twitter

Twitter has introduced live streaming of 360-degree videos by integrating them into Periscope challenge the giant Facebook is focusing a lot on Live videos

Twitter has introduced live streaming of 360-degree videos by integrating them into Periscope and in this last attempt it becomes clear that the social network will chirp to give Facebook Live a hard time.

Periscope and 360-degree live videos

The new feature was announced last December 21st, but will not be available indiscriminately for all users, at least at this early stage. For 360-degree videos In fact, a number of partners will be selected, as Alessandro Sabatelli, an Italian engineer and designer who currently holds the role of Director of VR and AR, already known in the tech environment for having also been an Apple designer, an area in which he had dealt with the interfaces of iOS, OS X and watchOS, but also visual effects that can be recalled from iTunes.

Will the turnaround come from 360-degree videos?

Twitter is struggling to make a change to all the difficulties that see it as the protagonist. He has renewed attention on news and live events, areas in which Facebook usually stands out. Twitter thus wants to commit itself to give anyone the chance to create and share ideas and information instantly, without any barriers, simply telling what happens quoting Sabatelli.

Live 360 ​​videos represent one of the potential turning points to improve the general conditions of the company, which – by owning the Periscope video app – is working to integrate new features to the Twitter application, with the aim of encouraging users to adopt the new format. But Facebook does not just sit still and invests significantly in live videos, subsidizing some partners to encourage the promotion of the new functionality. An example of the first 360-degree video, broadcast live on Twitter, enough to open it, move the cursor of the mouse or if from a smartphone by moving your finger – upwards or down, to the right or left to discover every angle of the images you are looking at.

Twitter before Facebook

Facebook is also aiming for 360-degree videos, but this time Twitter has arrived first, at least on 360-degree Live. Already during the month of December, Facebook had created its first 360-degree video, in collaboration with scientists from Utah engaged in research on the effects of insulation. But it was not a large-scale launch, business partners and advertisers will have the opportunity to access this service in just a few months.

Looking for a raise

Unlike Facebook, which thrives with its 340 billion dollars, Twitter is going through hard times. The social network has a narrow growth, loses money, has a bad reputation in terms of threats and user persecution and the shares are down compared to the golden times of 2014. Twitter has also explored the eventuality of selling, but without success. Potential buyers, including Salesforce and Disney have abandoned the project in the bud, attributing to Twitter the ingestibility of practices such as cyberbulliso that become authentic persecutions via social networks. Furthermore, there have been illustrious dropouts from the top of the company, just before Christmas the CTO Adam Messinger left the ship, with him Josh McFarland. But it is only the last illustrious names in an exodus that has already seen as protagonists also Adam Bain and Richard Alfonsi.360-degree video Periscope Twitter