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Twitter, a year with 280 characters: that's how it went

Official Twitter 280 characters for all

A year has passed since Twitter increased the limit for each tweet from 140 to 280 characters. Here is how the inhabitants change, little to tell the truth

A year has passed since Twitter increased the limit for each tweets from 140 to 280 characters.This change was made by the platform to allow every Twitter user to be able to express himself freely in a single tweet, while maintaining speed and brevity.

After a year, here are the tweet changes to 280 characters

More thanks and pleaseSince the characters of each tweet have doubled, there has been an increase in the use of the favor (+ 54%) and thanks (+ 22%)!

Abbreviations are used lessAbbreviations such as gr8 (-36%), b4 (-13%) and sry (-5%) have decreased and in their place the full words are always used: great (+ 32%), before (+ 70%) and sorry (+ 31%).

Tweeting is easier and Twitter continues to be briefThe average length of tweets is kept short – when the limit was 140 characters, it was around 34 characters and increased to 280, and about 33. Historically, only 9% of Tweets reached the limit of 140 and this was reflected in the challenge of bringing a thought, a reflection into a single tweet, with the result of modifying it to adapt to the limits.

With the extension to 280 characters, only 1% of tweets in English reach the limit of 280, 12% of tweets are longer than 140 and 5% are longer than 190 characters. 6% of tweets exceed 140 characters and 3% goes beyond 190 characters. It is less difficult to fall within the limits of space and short tweets remain the most common.

More questions and more conversationsThe number of tweets with a question mark? has seen an increase of 30% and tweets receive more and more answers.

Official Twitter 280 characters for all