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Twin towers, heavy tribute from the world of IT

Twin towers, heavy tribute from the world of IT logomacitynet1200wide 1

The collapse of the twin towers and the crashes of the planes provoked by the terrorists have provoked a huge bloodbath. In the tragedy, the hi-tech world also paid a very heavy tribute with dozens of executives, some of them at the highest levels, of IT companies that perished in the disaster. The best known Daniel Lewin, founder of Akamai and COO of the company, who he was aboard flight AA 11 which left Boston and crashed on the south tower. Lewin was only 31 years old, with a wife and two children. Recall that Apple, like the vast majority of large companies that have an Internet business, uses Akamai's facilities to distribute their Web pages. Edmund Glazer, CFO of MRV Communications, was also on flight AA 11, a company that deals with Infrastructure networks. In the crash of flight AA 77 which crashed on the Pentagon then died Steven "Jake" Jacoby, COO of Metrocall, one of the major companies in the field to operate "pager" networks. They then died dependent on various levels of society such as 3Com, Cahners, which deals with market research in the IT sector, and Oracle, and Compaq. The greatest tribute for risking having to pay it is Sun. Two floors of the World Trade Center had recently been rented by the company that had intended you 300 employees. The company's external relations office informed the newspapers that I was unable to find out how many of them were saved and how many died, and finally, Novell said that he had lost track of numerous employees who may have been involved in the disaster. of the twin towers.

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