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TUTORIAL: Let's learn Pages, the "made in" Apple word processor for Mac! Part 7: Bars …


Pages, the word processor for Mac developed by Apple. In this series of tutorials we see together to take the first steps to become experts! Part7: Scroll bars, scroll arrows and miniatures

In this new article we see how to have full control over the display of the document, for each point we refer to the illustrative image at the end of the article.

To navigate within a document:

  • To gradually move forward or backward, click the scroll arrows.
  • To scroll quickly, drag the vertical scroll cursor up or down or the horizontal scroll cursor from left to right.
  • In Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion) or later, scroll bars are displayed based on your preference settings in Mac OS X.
  • To move forward or backward one page at a time, click on the "Previous page" button (it looks like an arrow pointing upwards) or "Next page" (it looks like an arrow pointing downwards) at the bottom of the document window.
  • To go to the next or previous element of the document you have chosen, click the Action menu at the bottom of the window and select an element (such as a section, a comment, a hyperlink or a paragraph style), then click on the arrows scroll.
  • To go to a specific page in a document, click View in the tool bar and choose "Show Page Thumbnails". Then click on the thumbnail to move to a particular page. In addition, to position yourself on a page of the document, click the Page button in the lower left corner of the document window, type the page number in the "Go to page" field, then press Return.
  • To view facing pages in the thumbnail view, select "Facing Pages" in the Document panel of "Document Settings". To open the Settings window, click Settings in the toolbar, then click the Document settings button.

Screen 2013-03-12 at 12.10.20


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