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Turn the iPhone into a Game Boy


Smart Boy: here is the accessory that transforms the iPhone into a Game Boy. Here is an accessory that could transform the iPhone into a Game Boy

A new device will be able to transform your latest generation iPhone into a device like the Nintendo Gameboy.

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<p style=It is useless to deny it: play with your smartphone using the virtual controls on the awkward and cumbersome display and it takes away much of the fun. This is why i have spread so much in recent monthsbluetooth controller, which allow you to greatly improve the gaming experience on smartphones and tablets and to increase our enjoyment.

Among the various accessories that allow us to play the best titles for smartphones with physical buttons, a truly revolutionary and interesting one is about to arrive: Smart Boy.

As is evident from the image at the beginning of the article, Smart Boy a beautiful physical controller that allows us to transform our iPhone into a sort of Game Boy. In this way we can take advantage of the physical buttons to interact with the best games on the App Store to enjoy a truly spectacular gaming experience.

Initially it was thought that the Smart Boy project was an April Fool, but the project became 100% real and soon the product will arrive on the market. Unfortunately, however, there are serious doubts about the real marketing possibilities of the product: in fact, Nintendo would probably oppose the marketing of a similar product, too similar to the original Game Boy.

As you can see, however, the truly brilliant idea.Smart Boy essentially a case for iPhone 6 Plus that allows you to turn your Apple smartphone into a new millennium Game Boydel. Initially the photo of the project had appeared on the Facebook page of the manufacturer of gaming peripherals Hyperkin on April 1 and obviously it was thought that it was an april fish studied in a workmanlike manner, but the concept was appreciated so much that the producers decided to turn it into reality.

At the moment, Hyperkin's plan to release the Smart Boy in a gray version and then to get to the colored versions, as well as start supporting more types of iPhones.

The project is certainly spectacular, but the obstacles that the company will have to overcome in order to actually put it on the market are manifold and perhaps insurmountable.

Aside from the design, too similar to the original Game Boy, there may be problems related to the emulator required to start the Game Boy games on the iPhone, which Apple would certainly not approve via the App Store and which therefore should be downloaded and installed via Cydia.

The obstacles are there and they are also quite big, but we hope that this project can soon become real. We will update you as soon as we have more details on it. The idea of ??being able to go back to playing with the Game Boy using the iPhone seems really beautiful to me and I hope that the project can really be realized in some way.

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