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Turn iOS 8 into iOS 9 with the right tweaks from Cydia

Turn iOS 8 into iOS 9 with the right tweaks from Cydia


How to have the functions of iOS 9 on iOS 8 with the right tweaks of Cydia and the Jailbreak.iOS 9 and Jailbreak: here are the tweaks to have immediately the new functions on iOS 8

Here are the Cydia tweaks to install on iOS 8 to turn it into ioS 9.

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In this article we see what are the tweaks to install to emulate many of the features of iOS 9 also on iOS 8.

With the release of iOS 9,therefore, we could easily do without many of the tweaks currently available on Cydia; let's find out what these tweaks are natively implemented in iOS 9. Waiting for the release of the final version of iOS 9, in fact, we can use them immediately to emulate many of the features that will be therein the new operating system of iPhone, iPod and iPad.

IMPORTANT: this list does not represent all the news that will be introduced with iOS 9, for more information I refer you to the Apple website: iOS9 News List.


Needless to deny it: every time Apple releases a new one iOS update, integrates in its operating system some functions that users normally draw from Cydia through the Jailbreak of your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

In this way Apple always offers new and useful featuresi to its users and, at the same time, discouraged people from jailbreaking: what is the point of doing the Jailbreak if the functions obtained through Cydia are implemented directly in the Apple operating system?

It was so with iOS 6, with iOS 7, with iOS 8 and of course the story doesn't change with iOS 9: even with this update, in fact, Apple has introduced many new features, many of which have been taken from the best tweaks of Cydia.

As we know, iOS 9 will only arrive in September, but with the right Cydia tweaks you can transform iOS 8 into iOS 9 without waiting for the release of the new operating system.

If you want try some of the main new features of iOS 9 right awayin fact, below you will find a list of the best Cydia tweak to download to get iOS 9 today on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

If you have the jailbreaktherefore found below the list of Tweaks that will no longer be needed on iOS 9 and, at the same time, the list of the best tweaks to download for turn iOS 8 into iOS 9.

Best Cydia Tweaks to turn iOS 8 into iOS 9

SwipeSelection:allows you to drag two fingers on the iOS keyboard to move the cursor.

ShowCase: allowsto display uppercase or lowercase characters on the keyboard each time the Shift key is pressed. In this way there is no risk of making mistakes and having to delete the inserted text.

VideoPane:it allows you to not stop the playback of a video even when you exit the application in which it is played. As is the case on iOS 9, this teeak integrates the Picture-in-Picture function that allows you to keep the video in superimpression while using other applications.

SearchSettings: small Tweak that adds a search box inside the Settings.

BattSaver: un very complex tweak with a myriad of options to reduce battery consumption.

ReachApp:divides the screen into two parts and allows us to use two applications simultaneously.

RoundedSwitcherCards: roundsthe corners of the screens in the App Switcher.

Dash: allowsto change the look of the App Switcher and among the various possibilities and effects, we have one identical to the current iOS 9 switcher.

Copic: pit allows you to add the avatar of each contact to the message application.

RelevApps:allows you to view some of the appall Inside the Control Center according to user habits for the various hours of the day.

QuickReply: proprio like iMessage, with this tweak also Whatsapp, Telegram and the like allow you to reply from the notification without opening the app.

Well, we have concluded. Have fun at customize iOS 8 with new iOS 9 featureswaiting for this new operating system to be released by Apple.

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