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Turbolinx to the Japanese and discounted RedHat.

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Turbolinx to the Japanese and discounted RedHat. –

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Turbolinux Inc. was sold to SRA – Software Research Associates Inc. of Tokyo. Turbolinux one of the four members of the United Linux UnitedLinux project and the SRA managers ensured that they have no intention of leaving the project. The new CEO will be Hajime Watanabe. and Koichi Yano president of the new Turbolinux which will be based in Japan; the "old" California office will soon be spun off and become an independent company (they will focus on the PowerCockpit line) still headed by Ly-Huong Pham, former CEO of Turbolinux the day before yesterday.

The leading Linux distribution company, RedHat, has instead promoted an initiative that is both interesting but also unpleasant: a 20% discount on RedHat 7.3 (for the education sector the discount reaches 50%) for those who buy it by August 31 2002 or in the RedHat online shop or at the direct point of sale at London Heathrow airport. Of course when we talk about price drops, we can only understand them as good news, the problem for another … going to check on the site European version of RedHat, we found that the English Personal version costs 66.65 euros and the Professional version costs 232.26 euros, the French Personal version costs 70.66 euros and the Professional version costs 285.56 euros, the German Personal version costs 51, 90 euros and the Professional version costs 199 euros and finally the Spanish Professional version costs 256.35 euros (the Personal version is not listed); all 20% discounted prices. Prices significantly different from language to language but when you read the Italian price list there is no trace of this 20% discount on the Professional (256.35) and Personal (93.61 euro) versions, the latter is the most expensive of all on a continental level. How can this type of discrimination be explained?

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