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TuoTempo is the app that digitizes outpatient clinics, clinics and hospitals

TuoTempo è l’app che digitalizza poliambulatori, cliniche e ospedali

TuoTempo has announced that it has joined the DocPlanner Group to enhance its services for healthcare facilities: it will remain an independent company within the group and will maintain its name, offer and rapidly expand its team.

The company, founded in 2006, has created and offers the first and most complete CRM to activate a digital pathway for the patient developed on three pillars: interactive communications, patient portal and behavior analysis.

The CRM Patients integrates with the existing information systems of polyclinics, clinics and hospitals and activates interactive digital services for the patient, such as reminders and information campaigns, online booking and payment, satisfaction surveys, video visits and online access to clinical and available history via web, SMS, email, push and Whatsapp.

But also from the app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android, where you can use health services directly from your mobile phone. Patients can register, search for a specialist, book an appointment, request cancellation, check in, make a payment, receive diagnostic test results, ask questions or send feedback and much more.

Your time lapp that digitizes clinics, clinics and hospitals

The investments offered by the new merger will be aimed at strengthening the product, commercial and, above all, consulting teams to guarantee the 350 existing customers – including San Raffaele Hospital, Centro Medico Santagostino, IEO, Humanitas, Ismett, Auxologico and future customers – a constant and expert guide in the process of digitalization of the relationship with the patient.

Entry into the DocPlanner family also makes it easier for TuoTempo customers to access the portal, part of the DocPlanner Group, where they can promote their services and receive appointments for new patients.

As next steps, thanks to the investments and local structures of DocPlanner, TuoTempo will strengthen its leadership in Italy and Spain, strengthen its presence in Chile and Brazil and launch its own offer in Poland, Turkey, Mexico and Colombia.