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Trump after consulting Tim Cook says that a "V-shaped shot" is on the way

Trump after consulting Tim Cook says that a "V-shaped shot" is on the way

Donald Trump said he spoke to Apple CEO Tim Cook about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy. The US President, speaking with a group of reporters at the Oval Office, reported that Cook spoke of a "V" recovery: in other words, the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus will be overcome in an equally violent way with the activation of what technically, a "V" economic scenario is defined.

"He said he spoke to Apple's Tim Cook and told him to wait for the economy to recover to V, and that things will quickly return to normal after the virus problem," reports CNBC's Eamon Javer. "This contrasts with the" U "scenario (the exact opposite of the" V "recovery, with a phase of adjustment, within the recession, before the economy starts to grow again), hypothesized by various economists and investors.

The International Monetary Fund has forecast a drop in global GDP of 3% in 2020 and a growth of over 4% in 2021. The estimates of the workers are changing day by day and many "surf on sight", analyzing the curves of the pandemic in various areas of the world. Another scenario hypothesized by some investors is the "W" one: two strong bearish waves, followed by recoveries. Those skeptical about the so-called "Phase 2" bet on this scenario, foreseeing a relapse.

The White House confirms: Donald Trump with Tim Cook will visit Apple facilities

In the last meeting (by videoconference) with the employees, the Apple CEO said he was confident that the company would emerge strongly from the crisis, as it already did with the 2008 recession and the almost bankruptcy in the late 90s. d. Apple reported that Apple is not immune to global economic trends, but that the company has found itself involved in the pandemic with a solid balance sheet, still stressing that the company will continue to invest significantly in research, development and future products.

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