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TrovApp, the app that allows you to find applications on Huawei devices without Google

TrovApp the mobile application developed by an Italian team that will support users who use Huawei HMS devices: it is a useful tool for all Mate 30 Pro owners, or future Huawei smartphones equipped with HMS, to find, download and simply install your favorite applications. A sort of store that aggregates other stores, so as to make up for the lack of Google Play Store.

The new application has been designed to facilitate the use of Huawei devices equipped with HMS (Huawei Mobile Service). It is, in a nutshell, a search engine that suggests to the user where to download the apps they want, whether they are present on Huawei AppGallery, or present on alternative stores. At the moment TrovApp offers a database of about 600 apps, with the aim of increasing this number in the coming weeks to 1,500 apps.

To use TrovApp just download it from the AppGallery, the official Huawei store pre-installed on all the company's devices. It looks like a classic search engine, and offers filters by category, such as Audio and Music or Social Network, so as to have a selection of the best based on the chosen theme.

TrovApp, the app that allows you to find applications on Huawei devices

Once you have downloaded the desired applications on your device, you can also make updates: if the apps derive from the automatic lupdate HUAWEI AppGallery, while for those installed from alternative stores, it is necessary to have the application of the reference store from which they were downloaded on your device, such as for example Amazon Store or ApkPure.

All the applications on TrovApp, well remember it, have been tested and verified on Huawei devices equipped with HMS, both for download and for correct operation. To know the origins of the issue linked to the Huawei call, which led to the absence of the Google Play Store, please refer to this article.

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