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Travis Scott's Fortnite concert records 12.3 million viewers

Travis Scott's Fortnite concert records 12.3 million viewers

The first screening of Travis Scott's Fortnite in-game concert ended and, according to Epic Games, simultaneously attracted over 12.3 million players. If you missed it, a video posted on the musician's YouTube channel provides a good opportunity to understand what it was about, a movie that we report in this article. Here are the dates and times of the next Fortnite concerts.

The number recorded by this Fortnite concert would even go beyond the expectations and the various hypotheses put forward in recent days, also because the benchmark could have been the base of 10 million spectators tuned during the Marshmello show last year.

Fortnite concert

Evidently, in a world in which we found ourselves catapulted, without live concerts due to the pandemic in progress, presenting the gaming arena as an interesting place to host shared experiences resulted in a winning message.

The next show times are as follows:

  • Friday 24 April at 4:00 pm;
  • Saturday 25 April at 06:00;
  • Saturday 25 April at 17:00;
  • Saturday 26 April at 00:00;

Recall that despite being available for about a year and a half on Android, in the last few days Fortnite has also landed on the Google Play Store for the first time, a choice that the developer Epic Games has procrastinated as long as possible and has undertaken only reluctantly, as we tell in this article.

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