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Traveling with the iPad

The first is a young boy who approaches the hotel lobby, while your reporter waits for his luggage to be taken to leave. ?Excuse me, but is that the Apple tablet? How do you find? Is it worth buying it? ?. After him, the long journey to Italy, with a combination of three planes because the Easter bridge sold out on direct flights between our country and the States, a crescendo.

The iPad cannot be pulled out without someone immediately looking at it, approaching it, wanting to understand what it is, if really the Apple "pad", if it is worthwhile, as we find ourselves. You know, strong curiosity especially when new technologies seem magical. And in a world of people "reclined" on the keyboard of their personal computers, to see someone moving their fingers on a thin light tablet something different, sometimes magical.

How long does the battery last? A lot. A life. Most of all the trip, although obviously the iPad has not always been turned on. Indeed, it was often turned off, because there was something to eat, or you had to change planes, and so on. For the convenience of the priceless appliance. Those who write used to taking trains and planes and, over time, got a little fed up with pulling out the Mac. Open your bag, turn on the computer: annoying traffic. That also slows down movements, in case the station approaches or, in planes, if you have to quarrel with those who sit in front because they suddenly recline the seat, crushing us together with the computer in minimal spaces. With iPad for completely different.

The device is in the hand, it moves uninhibited, it rests anywhere, thanks also to the very comfortable Apple case (an absolutely rigorous optional accessory) and the lack of moving parts. The battery is a dream. Just be organized: "prepare" the videos we want to bring with us, import documents, music and images necessary for the trip, rearrange things also as regards the apps you plan to use. The real problem is that the space on the solid state memory is not infinite. Indeed, with a few photos, music, films and applications, it tends to be scarce.

Apps also "cost" in terms of space. Especially for games, which in addition to costing more expensive than on the iPhone, are also quite large: about 200 megabytes for the more "substantial" ones. Four are enough to make a gigabyte of "eat". And as for the films, not available for the Italian market (yet) but which can be purchased or rented if you live in the USA and have an account of that country, the normal quality version around the gigabyte, while the one HD (highly recommended, because it enhances the screen rendering) sometimes "weighs" even for four gigs.

The pleasure of watching the latest "Star Trek", rented before leaving and downloaded in ten minutes in the hotel lobby, at ten thousand meters above the Atlantic, something that is unparalleled. As well as the unmatched ability to review photos, browse documents, read a book. Before I remembered how the iPad attracts attention. Actually, much more: at Dublin airport, the first stop in the Old Continent for the long return to Italy, practically your reporter had to do a question and answer session with half a dozen onlookers, attracted by the object and eager to understand if it works as it should or not. The phenomenon recalls in all respects what had happened two and a half years ago for the iPhone, only that the iPhone disappears in a pocket and all in all nobody notices it when you are using it, if you are a little discreet.

The iPad, which once arrived home in Milan still had a battery wire, around 15%, was still in perfect shape. Your reporter immediately took care to make him "make friends" with the home wireless network, the fourth or fifth so far encountered by the device without any difficulty (indeed with a greater sensitivity than that of the iPhone and MacBook 13 "). Dinner, shower, some things to rearrange and then off to bed, to defeat the effects of the time zone as soon as possible: obviously with iPad that allows you to take a last look at the post and everything else. Quiet, practically invisible in domestic peace.

There is a whole world yet to be discovered, because apps are relatively few and then magazines have not yet arrived, not even in the US. And the books are infinite, like that pair that we started on the Kindle and the others that we downloaded on the iBookstore. The almost twenty hours of travel, which in the outward journey had been particularly long, even given the wait for the Apple device, flew back on the return journey. IPad thought about keeping us company. The MacBook remained off in its bag, and in the future it will also remain at home: if there are not particularly complex things to do on the go, much better to travel with the iPad.