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Transfer data from mobile phone to mobile phone

Transfer data from mobile phone to mobile phone

Sooner or later everyone needs to change phones. In this case the need arisestransfer data from mobile phone to mobile phone.You will need to transfer photos, contacts, apps from one phone to another. Many are those who go to the telephone service centers to carry out this operation. But from today it is possible to do it independently without having to worry about leaving the phone with your sensitive data in the hands of third parties. If you want to know how transfer data from mobile phone to mobile phone, Keep reading.

The solution is called MobileTrans, a software compatible with both Windows PC and MAC OSX, which takes care of all the operations necessary for the transfer of photos, videos, phonebook, apps etc, in a fast and effective way. Let's see the necessary steps to follow – in our case we tried to transfer data from an old Samsung S4 to a new Samsung S6 Edge. The software also works with all other devices, both Android and iOS (iPhone).

How to transfer data from mobile to mobile

  1. Download and install the program on your computer:

Transfer data from mobile phone to mobile 1

2. Open MobileTrans and click on the first box related to "Phone to Phone Transfer". Then connect your two phones to the computer via USB cable, as you can see in the following image:

Transfer data from mobile phone to mobile 2

3. At this point the program automatically detect the two phones and you will see them displayed in the main interface: it is important that on the left (source phone) there is the old phone and on the right (destination phone) the new one. If the wrong order is enough, click on the button "Flip" at the top

Transfer data from mobile phone to mobile 3

4. At the center of the program you can choose which types of contents to be transferred, then select them and click on the button START TRANSFER. Done! In a few minutes the operation will be completedBefore the transfer you can eventually decide to delete any data already present in the new phone by selecting the "delete data before copying" box.

Mobiletrans also supports the transfer of any type of data such as photos, videos, apps, address book, calendar, music between android and iphone and viceversa. Or even between phone and computer or betweenphone and iTunes / iCloud Backup.Below is a diagram of the various combinations available between devices and the type of content that can be copied and transferred.

Transfer data from mobile phone to mobile 4

The program to transfer photo phonebook video app between phones available to download in the form of free trial.But to proceed with the actual transfer of all phone data necessary to purchase the license at a cost of 19. More info on