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Touchscreen: iPhone beats Nexus One, Droid and Droid Eris

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MOTO Development Group has created a series of “Do It Yourself” analyzes and tests to test the advantages and performance of the four most important mobile phones of the moment: on the one hand the iPhone and on the other three Android-based devices: the brand new Nexus One sold by Google, the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris sold by Verizon.

The test, available in photos and images here, is used to understand which devices are the best from various points of view, when using the capacitive screen technology introduced by Apple in 2007. Not all phones are created equal, explain those of MOTO , who for years have been working in the industrial environment with this type of technology. And the differences are seen.

The technique used by MOTO to make the test simpler and more direct than the laboratory ones: it uses software that allows you to carry out a "homemade" test. The test consists in drawing straight lines on the phone screen using a finger and with strong or light pressure, moving slowly. It is about recording millimetric differences, which explain how there is always a kind of delay or artifact or distortion depending on the type of panel used, the sensors, their balance and obviously the software used.

At the end of the tests, the iPhone is able to trace the lines in the various ways that best respond to preventive requests: go straight with different speeds and pressures. The key point, explains MOTO, is to create devices that are equipped with an optimized signal-to-noise ratio so that the sensors allow you to recreate an experience as if the device "felt" to be touched by a physical object actually connected (optical pen or real pen).

A series of variables that influence this type of experience which, according to MOTO, ultimately leads in one direction: you have what you pay for. That is, the cheaper materials are felt and the consumer notices it; the touchscreen algorithms are a key element of the experience and help to create the uniqueness of the device and therefore of the brand; finally, the integration between hardware and software must take place as early as possible during the design and development phase. Otherwise, these are two different factors that will never be able to coincide and perfectly overlap. Three reasons that indicate that the iPhone is the first in the ranking. The two HTC (Nexus One and Droid Eris) are at good levels and instead goes to the bottom of the mini-ranking the Motorola Droid.