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Toshiba, 60 GB minidisks

Toshiba, 60 GB mini-disks –

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Yesterday the news that Toshiba, which produces the drive even if no official news has ever been given, has announced a new series of its 9.5 mm discs. A new model called MK6022GAX brings the maximum possible capacity to 60 GB.

The new HD is not only bigger, but also faster than the previous ones. The rotation speed changes to 5400 rpm and a new interface guarantees data transfer up to 100 GB. The previous limits were 4200 rpm and 66 GB per minute.

The cutting of Toshiba MK series disks now starts from 10 GB and goes up to 60 GB.

The latter cut at the moment appears particularly suitable, in terms of costs and capacity, rather than constituting a successor of the 20 GB disk to end up in the ever smaller laptops and especially in the subnotebooks that can benefit from its very small size.

Special offers

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