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Top 10 AirPower alternative wireless charging mats

Apple introduced three new iPhones this year, and they all support a feature that people have been waiting for patiently. Yes, we've been talking about wireless charging, something we've seen on some Android devices for quite some time. This wouldn't have been possible had it not been for the design of the rear glass, a crucial factor when it comes to implementing wireless charging in a smartphone. Regardless of whether you are using iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, you can take full advantage of the Qi standard to charge your device wirelessly.

Many wireless chargers compatible with the new iPhones are already available, but Apple is currently working hard on a new product called AirPower, the wireless charging pad of the same company that can charge multiple devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPod simultaneously. However, it won't go out until next year, and even when I do, it is said to be priced at around $ 200, which is absurd in my opinion. As a result, we are practically forced to look for alternatives that we can immediately get our hands on, and if you are interested in buying one, here are the 10 best AirPower alternatives:

The 10 AirPower alternative wireless chargers

Note : These AirPower alternative wireless chargers are compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. They are also compatible with all Android phones or devices that support the Qi wireless charging standard.

1. Mophie wireless charging base

In recent years Mophie has gained some reputation for its battery packs, cases and chargers. The company's latest wireless charger designed for the new iPhones manages to meet all expectations. For beginners, the rather minimalist design, which Apple fans might like. Thanks to support for the Qi wireless standard, your new iPhone will start charging instantly once placed on the base. According to the claims of the company, users will be in Able to achieve fast charging speeds with up to 7,5W power . Having said that, it is worth noting that support for fast wireless charging will be enabled later by Apple with an iOS 11 software update. In addition to this, in order to provide a stable surface and prevent slipping, the company has coated the base with TPU anti-slip material .

Buy from Amazon: ($ 59.95)

2. Belkin Increase the wireless charging pad

This is another popular brand that excels in the production of excellent smartphone accessories. The company's Boost Up wireless charging pad is no exception in this regard, as you can take advantage of its Qi support to wirelessly charge your new iPhone. Just like the Mophie charging base, Belkin Boost Up offers up to 7, 5W to your device, so once Apple releases the iOS 11 software update, you will be able to try fast wireless charging. There is a LED indicator on the charging pad to make sure your device is charging. As for case support, Belkin Boost Up should be able to recharge the device, as long as the thickness does not exceed 3 mm.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 59.95)

3. Pleson wireless charging pad

The previous two wireless chargers were quite expensive to be honest, so if you're looking for a convenient option, let's take a look at this Pleson wireless charging pad. After all, not everyone can afford to shell out nearly $ 60 with a wireless charger. Despite its thickness of 0, 25 inches, the pad generates 50% less heat than most competitors, so you don't have to worry about the phone getting warm while charging. To ensure that your device is charging properly, the pad features an LED indicator that will turn on and on once you place the device on it.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 13.85)

4. Anker wireless charging pad

Anker is a brand that focuses on the production of powerbanks for smartphones, but that does not mean that their new wireless charging pad is mediocre in any case. As long as your device supports the Qi standard, you will be able to wirelessly charge the IQ-enabled iPhone or Android. In order to keep your device safe from overheating, the Anker wireless charger boasts a unique temperature control function that activates at 107 degrees Fahrenheit . In addition, the pad also features an energy-efficient idle mode, so that the phone battery won't overcharge and cause long-term problems.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 18.99)

5. Samsung wireless charging stand

When it comes to wireless charging, there is no question that Samsung has led the industry. Although this stand is designed for the Galaxy's flagship smartphone line, it will also work with the latest iPhones, thanks to Qi support. Although Samsung claims that their fast charging support is 1.4 times faster than standard wireless chargers, it is worth noting that your iPhone will not be able to take advantage of the fast charging features of this charger . Above all, you will be able to use it as a desktop dock for media consumption, as a stand rather than a flat pad.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 34, 86)

6. SurgeDisk wireless charging pad

This could probably be the nicest charging pad on this list thanks to the natural bamboo finish on the top of the base . If not for the charging port on the side, it could easily be mistaken for a decor. Just like every other wireless charger on this list, this also supports Qi technology, so if you have a compatible Android phone as a secondary device in addition to your main iPhone, this wireless charging pad will definitely be useful. The pad provides overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection and more, so there are no worries in this department.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 32.99)

7. Choetech T513 3-coil wireless charging mat

Next on the list, we have an affordable charging mat that has integrated 3 coils to provide you with a much larger charging area . true, since it has three coils, you don't even need to align your phone perfectly. Well, it only charges at standard speed, so if you were expecting a fast charge, this is not what you should do. When the temperature of the mat reaches 107 degrees Fahrenheit, the control function of the temperature to avoid overheatingthus safeguarding the device. In addition to the latest iPhones, it is also compatible with a wide range of devices thanks to the Qi wireless standard.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 17.99)

8. Smart Electronic Solutions Qi wireless charging pad

This wireless charger is thin enough to be called a mat rather than a pad. It supports all Qi-enabled devices, so useful if you are using multiple Qi-supported devices such as the new iPhone, Galaxy S8, Note 8 and more. As indicated by the manufacturer, the pad equipped with an integrated intelligent system to avoid short circuits and overheating of the devices, keeping the battery life of your smartphone unchanged. Although it supplies 10A of power, your new iPhones won't be able to take advantage of it until Apple moves the software update required for wireless fast charging. Regardless, for a price of just under $ 20, every penny you pay.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 19.95)

9. OVGO wireless charging pad

Next on the list, we have a very compact wireless charging mat that is roughly the size of an average smartphone. Since it uses the Qi standard, you can charge a variety of different devices in addition to your new iPhones. The charging mat equipped integrated protection for overvoltage, undervoltage and short circuit, so you don't have to worry about your smartphone being affected. The manufacturer suggests that you will be able to charge your phone in wireless mode with a case, as long as it is less than 5 mm thickso we have no complaints in this department. For a asking price below $ 10, this is the least expensive wireless charger on this list.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 9,77)

10. Antye Qi wireless charging pad

Finally, we have a comfortable plastic and aluminum charging mat with a non-slip design to make sure your phone doesn't slip off. There is a blue LED indicator light to make sure your iPhone is charging properly or not. Being based on the standard Qi wireless technology, universally compatible with a myriad of different products, so you don't have to worry about the barrier between iOS and Android devices. Although the charging mat has a square shape with rounded corners, you will need to hold the phone in the area indicated by a dashed circle to begin the charging process.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 15.99)

The best AirPower alternatives you can buy

Before jumping to any conclusion, I would like to say that AirPower is an excellent Apple product, but the fact that it will not be released until next year and the absurd $ 200 price tag will surely disappoint a lot of consumers. So if you don't really want to shell out a portion of your hard-earned earnings on AirPower, here are the best and cheapest AirPower alternatives that you can use along with your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. Of course, it won't be possible to charge devices simultaneously, but you can purchase multiple charges for a fraction of the AirPower price. So which of the following alternatives are you going to do? Let us know by leaving a few words in the comments section below.