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TomTom: the car kit for iPhone 3GS on the Apple Store

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Finally the TomTom car kit appears in the Apple online store: the support base that integrates a GPS receiver for improved reception presented on this dedicated page on the Apple Store.

The kit proposed at the price of 99.95 euros and indicated with delivery times of 2-3 weeks. This is an interesting price and even lower than expected, given that the TomTom iPhone application also appears to be included in the package. The car kit indicated as compatible for iPhone 3G and 3GS while at the time of writing we did not know whether there is also an iPod touch version that was mentioned in the press release in August.

The TomTom managers met by Macitynet at the IFA in Berlin where we created this large photo gallery of the product explained to us how the Dutch company conceives the iPhone solution as a whole: thanks to the GPS / Cradle receiver, the performance of the iPhone application are able to improve significantly especially in terms of reactivity to the real positioning on the territory, on the fix of the satellites and on hanging up after passing through a tunnel.In addition, the presence of a speaker of good power contributes to the use of the phone in speakerphone or simultaneously with the use of another audio source inside the car without the driving directions being overwhelmed by music.

To exchange opinions with other users and discuss the news of the TomTom iPhone car kit, please refer to this page of the Macitynet Forum.

It should be noted that, strangely, the description refers to "navigation software included". At the moment it is not clear if it is an error or if the support is actually sold with some maps; in the second case, we would be amazed for several reasons. Except that it can be provided on optical support or on board (given the particular installation methods on the iPhone), Apple should provide a download code, which would be an absolute novelty. In addition, it remains to be understood how to resolve the conflict that would arise with those who have already purchased the maps. This category would be included in the price (and therefore would pay) a navigation software that actually already has.

In any case, the latest official information, that published by the Tom Tom site on the frequently asked questions page, seems to completely exclude the presence of the software. To the question "15" (Will the application be associated with the car kit, once it is available?) The answer seems unequivocal: "Once available, the TomTom car kit will be sold separately from the application. The application can be purchased exclusively through the Apple app store. "

If Apple and Tom Tom have changed policy, they will soon have to change the FAQ soon.