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TomTom presents the new GPS navigators and the iPhone car kit

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The Tom Tom kit for iPhone was presented to the Italian press. The event took place in the context of a very crowded morning, led by Luca Tammaccaro, Country Manager of TomTom Italia.

A meeting that has spanned vast horizons, starting from a picture of the group and the trend of the GPS sector in our country, going from new products and versions with the voices of Colorado Caf comedians to finish, in fact, with the kit for iPhone.

Tammaccaro, as mentioned, began by illustrating the composition of the group: in addition to the universally known brand TomTom for consumer GPS devices, the group also counts TeleAtlas which produces digital maps and cartography, the company Work for the management of commercial fleets and finally, professional solutions, the Automotive section which deals with TomTom collaborations and projects directly with car manufacturers and with manufacturers of car accessories.

Tammaccaro also explained how TomTom has managed to become the number one in this market segment, not only in Italy. Key features include the quality of the maps, the best routes thanks to IQ Routes, traffic information and ease of use. The TomTom Italia executive said that the navigator segment is experiencing a 20% drop in our country, a difficult market situation but following a series of extremely positive years in which these accessories have recorded year-on-year growth in the 100% order. "Now the GPS sector is suffering from the effects of the world crisis but above all it is scaling down and stabilizing after the strong growth recorded in the past years" said Tammaccaro.

During the event, the new TomTom Go750T, Go 950T, the base model TomTom Start from 129 euros with interchangeable covers, and finally the XXL model that integrates a 5 ″ screen, the largest ever built by TomTom, were presented. 14 comedians of the Colorado television show were present at the event and, led by Diego Abatantuono, provided the voices to customize the new TomToms. Inside the purchase package includes a vaucher that allows you to download the favorite voice or character of Colorado to have original and decidedly over the top vocal directions. All the comedians with the exception of Abatantuono were present at today's TomTom event: on stage they offered an improvised talk show style show in which they illustrated the advantages of GPS in the car, without obviously sparing the numerous journalists present.

TomTom car kit: the first direct contact person of Macitynet Immediately after the presentation Macitynet monopolized the expected car kit to touch and collect first impressions on the field. The TomTom support base announced in August and scheduled for September, actually on sale in the Apple online store and on the TomTom website with delivery times of 1 or 2 weeks. We can immediately confirm that the wait and expectations have been kept. The solid support base is made with care, not only for the quality of the materials but also for the study of the methods of use, all based on practicality and speed.

The large suction cup at the bottom offers a firm grip: to fix it to the dashboard or windscreen, it takes just a few seconds, turning the overlying wheel which, by sucking in the air, completely fixes the base. As far as we were able to try in today's TomTom event location, the hooking and unhooking system studied in detail and is very functional. Pushing the iPhone slightly downwards, the Dock connector of the smartphone engages the Dock of the Car Kit. To complete the insertion of the iPhone, simply push slightly at the top too: here a small wheel slides the iPhone body up to the complete coupling. The result is that positioning and releasing the smartphone can be done very quickly and especially with one hand

The integrated GPS receiver and the speaker only come into operation when the support base is connected to the cigarette lighter adapter which ensures power for these two components and, at the same time, recharges the iPhone battery. While being solid and robust, the base offers all the movements necessary to position iPhone as the user wishes: not only for the inclination of the screen but also for the distance from the windshield or dashboard. It was not possible to carry out a complete road test to evaluate the capacity of the integrated GPS more thoroughly, in any case the TomTom staff present at the event stated that combined with the Car Kit, iPhone offers a comparable reception capacity for signal stability and functions to TomTom stand alone GPS navigators.

Good impressions were also obtained from the large integrated speaker: in the noisy venue of the event, the speaker offers good output power and above all perfectly audible indications, able to overwhelm the noises and buzzes of the room. Inside the car interior, isolated and much smaller than the location of today's event, the indications will no doubt be even more audible than our extemporaneous test.

Finally, a feature not yet well defined by TomTom's official communications: some company employees have told Macitynet that in addition to the TomTom program, the car kit also works with third-party GPS software. For a complete photo gallery created today at the TomTom presentation, please refer to this Macitynet page .

Finally, remember that the TomTom car kit was also photographed by Macitynet at the IFA in Berlin: on this page, the photo gallery created in the TomTom stand.