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TomTom car kit: sale suspended

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The expected TomTom car kit for iPhone 3G and 3GS that appeared in the Apple online store this morning does not include navigation software and, at the time of writing, the article page is no longer accessible. The disappearance probably, due to the need to modify the description that hinted (erroneously, as we will see) that the maps were included.

Doubts about the wording "TomTom navigation application for iPhone" pitted in the specifications had arisen immediately in the morning; too many technical and marketing contradictions around the possibility that the support was sold in combination with a map. Macity had thus immediately sought to have confirmation of the strangeness by obtaining it. In fact, some sources had clarified that a navigation application was actually included even though we had not been able to know how it would be downloaded and installed.

Not convinced, given the excess of contortions that such a system would have entailed (it is impossible to directly install applications on the iPhone and the applications gifted with code are available only to developers in limited quantities and only from the American store), we insisted on other channels, arrive at a denial of the confirmation: no application contained in the packaging of the support. We were also told that there would soon be a correction on Apple's online store to dispel any doubts.

It was at this point that we saw the description page literally disappear before our eyes. Now pointing to the TomTom Car Kit tab for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS you only have one error page

For those who had not had time to take a look, the kit was presented at 99.95 euros and was indicated with an availability date expected in 2-3 weeks.