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TomTom and GPS on iPhone: waiting for Apple

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A few moments after the presentation of the iPhone 3G by Steve Jobs, a spokesman for the TomTom company announced to the world that the famous routing and assisted nagivation solution was already in an advanced development phase for the Apple smartphone, although not yet definitive , it worked pretty well. Macity talked about it here and here too.

Since its inception, the new iPhone has brought with it the promise of a single pocket device capable of carrying out everything, including the GPS navigation function. Overall we can say that iPhone has kept its promises but for now it has not yet offered what most ordinary users expect when they hear about integrated GPS technology. In the first place, a program suitable for indicating the route, turning by turning, even while driving a vehicle and using voice communications.

In a recent article appeared sumsnbc we learn that the TomTom project also continues Garmin and Magellan also seem very interested in the iPhone but all indistinctly are waiting for a nod to Cupertino before showing their cards. According to Tim Bajarin, president of the market analysis company Creative Strategies, and in direct contact with the developers, a turn-by-turn solution with voice prompts on the iPhone within the next 3 months and in any case certainly before the end of the year.

To complicate the GPS situation for the iPhone, even a "small" clause contained in the SDK Agreement which, at first glance, would seem to prohibit the development of this type of software for the Apple smartphone. The subjective interpretation: according to some it is a real veto by Cupertino for the development of assisted navigation software according to others, including even a TomTom executive, it would only be an Apple's legal barrier aimed at avoiding any lawsuit for reimbursement and compensation in case of accidents caused by GPS.

Ultimately, the technical possibility is out of the question: iPhone and the hardware that makes it up perfectly able to perform the functions and manage the workload necessary for the assisted navigation software. Even the large touch-sensitive screen perfect for the purpose. The whole question hovers over a forced wait for Apple's next move which could be a change in the clauses contained in the SDK Agreement or perhaps a real surprise: the presentation of a navigation solution carried out with a vocal turn marked Apple. Some analysts, including Greengart of Current Analysis, are of this opinion. Let's not forget that in one of the latest versions of the iPhone Firmware for Apple developers has included the possibility of recognizing the orientation of the smartphone and also the speed of movement, two functions so far absent and indispensable to be able to develop and support navigation solutions turn by turn.