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Tom Tom will sell GPS support for iPod touch

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Tom Tom will sell GPS support for iPod touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Tom Tom is about to release an iPod touch holder that includes a GPS navigator. The accessory appeared in the afternoon on the online shop of the Dutch company (sponsor) specialized in cellular navigation systems which is therefore offering an interesting opportunity to all those who have purchased the Apple device and want to use it for navigation.

With the launch of the new update, all iPod touches are able to run the Tom Tom application and the iPhone support for sale on the App Store compatible also with iPod touches, but those who have the latter product would find themselves spending more to have not useful features (such as hands-free calling and Bluetooh connection) since it is not a phone. Support for iPhone costs, in fact, 99.99 euros while support for iPod only 79.95.

The iPod accessory still has interesting options. In addition to the obvious GPS chip, there is an amplifier and a speaker to listen more clearly to the voice instructions and the audio output for music. The stand can be easily tilted and oriented.

Currently Tom Tom still does not allow to order the support and has also removed the cost information; when Macity visited the Tom Tom website, the accessory was orderable and we were also able to add it to the cart, as can be seen in the screen shots that we publish below. Probably the availability deferred for a few days and equally likely will also arrive on the Apple Store, which first (before even Tom Tom Store) offered iPhone support for sale.

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