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Tom Tom presents the new Go 520 and 720

On Wednesday 27 June, at the Town House in Milan, Tom Tom organized an event dedicated to the press to present the new Tom Tom GO 520 and 720 navigators.

tomtom 300

The innovations implemented by the latest generation models are noteworthy: first of all the raised design, which clearly gains in elegance and portability compared to its predecessor, given the reduction in thickness and weight.Now the dimensions of the navigator are very close to those of a mobile phone and above all, it becomes a ?pocket? object like the less equipped TomTom one series models.

On the functional side the two models are, like the X10 series, interfaceable with iPod with the cable specifically sold; from the touch screen of the device it will be possible to check the Apple mp3 player library. The managers of the company have declared full compatibility with all models of the Apple player equipped with Dock.

Thanks to a new function, it will then be possible send music to the car radio via integrated FM transmitter.In this sense, we asked how Tom Tom decided to face the bans on the use of FM transmitters in force in Italy. Simply, the Italian law does not prohibit the sale of a transmitter, but only the use, which at the discretion and at the expense users.

Another plus the Vocal recognition: with the new series it will be possible to enter your car and say only the city, street and house number you want to reach: A progressive approach to an increasingly less use of hands while driving.

Unfortunately, the noise of the restaurant did not allow us to fully test the option, which in any case seems to respond well to vocal stimuli.


The most relevant novelty is perhaps the possibility to correct the maps in various ways: by reversing the direction of travel on the roads under maintenance, adding roundabouts, unlocking one-way streets or making other changes. These changes can then be sent to the Tom Tom servers via the Tom Tom Home software.

This feature will make it possible to share your maps with the Tom Tom community, which will be able to connect to the servers and download the changes made by other users and confirmed by the Tom Tom checks.

A solution that winks at the new trends in social networking and that will surely have great success. This technology called Tom Tom Map Sharing is available for both Mac and PC users.

Another of the aspects on which Tom Tom seems to have pushed the accelerator commitment to safety, implementing many options that can help drivers in various situations, such as the possibility of locating nearby hospitals, directly calling the nearest rescuers via Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone, and even an entire integrated first aid guide: all reachable with the convenient "Help" button.

A note on graphics: in addition to the pleasant new icons we also find a 3D view that shows the relief contours of buildings and buildings of a certain importance: an excellent navigation aid that allows you to compare the data on the screen with the distribution of the building for better orientation.

Last noteworthy feature the collaboration of Tom Tom with Vodafone: through the information obtained from mobile phones, the navigator will be able to give users an image of the traffic on the roads to be traveled, no longer relying on common dedicated servers, but on the cells of the telephone operator.

Thanks to the detections of the cells, the traffic calculation will be assessed on the basis of the presence of equipment within the territory of the individual repeaters, providing real-time information on the viability. The agreement with Vodafone has already materialized in the Netherlands; in our country should start next year.

The two Tom Tom models are aesthetically identical and are distinguished exclusively by the loaded maps: the 520 will have the Italian maps loaded and will cost 449 Euros; the 720 will have loaded the maps of Western Europe and will cost 499 Euros. They will be on the shelves during the third quarter of the current year.

Dedicated accessories will also come on the market at the same time: here is a selection from the E-Motion price list that distributes the product in Italy: – Carry case and Strap Go at 24.95 Euros – Fast Charger at 34.95 Euros – Support with suction cup and charger car usb 24.95 Euro – Alternative Mount Kit for 24.95 Euro, all prices including VAT.

On this Macitynet page you can access the gallery of images dedicated to the event organized at the Town House in Milan and photos of the "live" models.

Here are the common technical specifications of the 520 and 720 models: – Large 4.3-inch 16: 9 LCD screen (WQVGA: 480 * 272 pixels) – 400 MHz CPU – 64MB RAM – 512MB, 1GB (for TomTom GO 520 ) or 2GB of internal flash memory (TomTom GO 720) – SD card socket – High sensitivity GPS receiver – Compatible with the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver – Integrated FM transmitter – Bluetooth technology – Lithium polymer battery (with 5 hours of operation) – Integrated microphone and speaker optimized for high quality hands-free functionality – Dimensions: 118 mm x 83 mm x 24 mm – weight: 220 grams