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Tom Tom Car kit for iPhone and iPod touch: the Macitynet test

Tom Tom Car kit for iPhone and iPod touch: the Macitynet test –

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Is it worth spending 99 Euros to add a GPS receiver to an iPhone 3G or 3Gs that are already equipped to mount them on the car dashboard? Macitynet has long tested the TomTom car kit to verify its usefulness in different conditions of use and with different Apple touch devices.

We were among the first, last summer, to try the long-awaited TomTom software for iPhone that arrived on the market a few weeks after the competition and our first impressions had not been completely positive, the software presented itself with a very accurate interface and a series of respectable features but compared to other navigation software it seemed less efficient in detecting satellites and slower in updating data during navigation. In the following September, a meeting at the IFA with some European managers on the occasion of the first "physical" release of the car kit was explained to us that the project was born as a unicum and the software needed external hardware to work better and offer the typical user experience of the standalone TomTom products.And after having set aside the TomTom software for iPhone on our phone for a while, in favor of other more efficient Apps in terms of satellite reception, we finally tried the combination of the two products both in local navigation and in some medium-length journeys with motorway routes, in the city and in the suburbs.

The full review on this Macitynet page.

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