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Tom Clancy's world arrives on iPhone and touch with H.A.W.X.

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Tom Clancy's world arrives on iPhone and touch with H.A.W.X – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The game set in 2014 in a scenario that sees a powerful international criminal organization and not only national law enforcement agencies but also private security companies. We play the role of the pilot David Crenshaw who is already the protagonist of Tom Clancy's novels and also of the previous H.A.W.X games that appeared on the living room consoles. Gameloft has reconstructed on the Apple's touch paperbacks a game of aerial combat that allows you to face 13 missions in spectacular landscapes scattered around the globe. Even if the player must pay attention to speed and maneuvers in flight, the fundamental aspects to follow are the fights and the missions to be completed.

The high graphic quality of the game is evident from the screens proposed on the App Store: Gameloft programmers have created a dedicated engine for H.A.W.X using the satellite images provided by GeoEye for the scenarios. All seasoned with realistic atmospheric effects: clouds, sun, night / day passage, sunsets make flights to Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, grazing flights over the Pentagon and the White House in Washington, tropical islands and much more even more spectacular. In any case, we will have little time to admire the view: to face the 13 missions we must carefully choose one of the 26 most famous planes in the world by carefully evaluating the specifications of the aircraft based on the objective. Not only aerial combat but also infiltration missions in enemy bases, defense of friends in heaven and on earth, protection of strategic objectives, destruction of earth positions and much more.

For lovers of warplanes H.A.W.X offers 26 aircraft faithfully reproduced in 3D under official license, each with a customized cockpit. Before taking off, it is advisable to choose carefully also among the various packages of armaments available, always with a view to the mission to be accomplished. H.A.W.X also allows you to listen to personal music and completed by a multiplayer mode to play against friends, all against all or even in death match teams up to 4 players in local Wi-Fi.

H.A.W.X proposed on the App Store for € 5.49.

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