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Today a piece of Microsoft's future

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Microsoft is expected to announce some of its future plans at TechXNY in New York today. These include the new version of Office, the popular productivity suite.

Office 11, this should be the name of the update, will include numerous new features including support for XML and .Net technologies. The choice will make it possible to exploit the popularity of the package to further impose two standards that represent the key to the future development of the business of Redmond and its platform.

Microsoft has come to a crucial point with its Office. Never as in the past few years has the competition been trying to exploit the weaknesses of the suite to establish itself on the market. A crucial point for Office will be its value for money; the new costs imposed for the use of the software, in particular those aimed at large users, have discouraged many customers from renewing their upgrade subscriptions. In the past month alone, two thirds of the major customers have refused to sign the new license agreements.

Recall that Microsoft should present a new version of Office for Mac OS X between the end of this year and the beginning of next, in which support for XML and .Net will be integrated.Even today Microsoft should present the first prototypes of TabletPC in partnership with Toshiba, Acer and Jujitsu. This will be an anticipation of their commercial launch which is expected to take place on 7 November. Structurally, it is learned, these will be modified laptops equipped with WiFi wireless system for Internet connection, some of which have no keyboard, and with Microsoft software preloaded. Applications will also include Journal, a software that will allow you to use a stylus to enter text and issue commands to the machine.

Also anticipating the announcement of PocketPC 2002 Phone Edition, a version of the PDA operating system, intended for the market of 'converged' devices that will integrate phone and advanced organizer functions.