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Toast, MacOS 9.2.1 and Burner: how to make them collaborate

Toast, MacOS 9.2.1 and Burner: how to make them collaborate logomacitynet1200wide 1

The problem occurs with both USB and Firewire burners: Toast 5.0.1 contains special versions of the USB Authoring Support and Firewire Authoring support extensions that allow it to live with the Apple Burner letting it manage some features. But the update 9.2 .1 reinstalls the Apple versions that in the past had already created conflicts. The solution is simple: you need to reinstall Toast 5.0.1 or manually do this Disable the following extensions (just drag them from the "Extensions" folder of the "System Folder "In the" Disabled Extensions "folder): Firewire Authoring Support, USB Authoring Support, SDAP Authiring and Apple Packet Media. And then enable the Toast CD Reader extensions, and the Toast USB and Firewire support extensions. This with a simple restart you will have the possibility of using both applications for burning.

The removal of Apple Packet Media also seems to solve the reading problems of some CDs and DVDs previously recorded with Toast 5.0.1.

For other tips and suggestions, visit our page dedicated to MacOS 9.2.1 and the section dedicated to the update of our Forum.

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