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To Windows Orders?

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A reader writes: "The Revenue Agency of the Ministry of Finance 'obliges' all the Orders of our country to submit documentation in electronic form. It concerns the transmission by professional orders and other competent bodies, of data and of news concerning registrations, variations and cancellations. (Decree 17.09.1999 G.U.n 235 of 6.10.1999)

The necessary software freely downloadable from the appropriate URL where well highlighted that runs only on Windows systems.

Here are the specifications: β€œThe ORDERS package was created to facilitate professional orders and other bodies and offices responsible for keeping registers, registers and lists established for the exercise of professional and self-employed activities, in the preparation of floppy disks containing communications to the Tax Registry relating to data and news concerning the registrations, changes and cancellations in the aforementioned registers and registers.Please note that the delivery of the floppy disks must be made by June 30 of each year with reference to the registrations, variations and cancellations made in the previous year.


Instructions for installing the program

The execution of the application is subject to the installation of the JAVA run-time environment (Virtual Machine), available in compressed and self-installing format (2692 Kbytes) "

From this, if logic has not become an opinion, it can be deduced that: the compulsory declaration -> the declaration can only be done with Windows -> obligatory Windows.… And so far you will tell me nothing new!

Yes, but the program written in Java! So it could very well run on any operating system!

So whoever developed the program rightly made a choice that rewarded the application's portability, while the choice to limit ourselves to Windows to whom we owe it? "