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To see the smartphone display on the computer, just an app

To see the smartphone display on the computer, just an app

Vysor displays the contents of the Android phone in real time on PC and Mac screens: available today on the Play Store

A window for keep the Android smartphone under control also from the computer, PC or Mac it is: it already exists, it's called Vysor, and from today you can download it in just a few taps on Google Play. The app ensures that the phone and laptop (or desktop), connected via USB cable, can communicate with each other: the smartphone sends an exact replica of the contents of its screen, which the computer displays in a dedicated and interactive window; clicking with the mouse on the elements inside it is equivalent to touching them with your finger on the touchscreen.

(Photo: ClockworkMod)(Photo: ClockworkMod)

The app is not new, but until now to install it, it was necessary to upload it to the phone using alternative methods to the Google app store. Now that it is officially hosted in the virtual Mountain View shop window,the process a little simpler: after downloading Vysor on your smartphone, you need to enable the phone's USB debugging function (a link will take you to the correct page in the settings) and then download the version to Chrome for your computer, which will work from the other end of the connection. The instructions are in English, but easy enough to follow.


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