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Titanium 667 compared

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73% faster to copy, 37% faster to boot, 30% to window design, 15% to video encoding, 53% to Quake III. These are the percentage data of the advantage that the new Titanium 667 MHz has towards the old Titanium, always with a 667 MHz processor as they are detected in a test carried out by MacSpeed ​​Zone.

The site had the interesting idea of ​​comparing and estimating exactly the performance differences of the two laptops that have the same processor speed but count on some essential differences, especially the graphics card.

On the old machine there was a 16 MB DDR Radeon Mobility, on the new one a Radeon 7500 with 32 MB DDR.

Most of the increase in performance comes from the video card which provides the new Titanium with a significant competitive advantage in tasks where the GPU has the preponderant weight in the calculation.

Judging from the tests, also the introduction of a 1 MB third level cache weighs, and not insignificantly, in the ability of the Titanium to offer superior performance, all at a price of around 500 euros lower than the previous one compared to which it has only 256 MB of RAM.

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