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Tips on how to use the iPhone 6 Plus with one hand


Tips on how to use the iPhone 6 Plus with one hand

We at YourLifeUpdated have also been enchanted by the brand new iPhone 6 Plus and we have bought one and even if the size of the smartphones has never impressed us with theiPhone 6 Plus I am experiencing some problems in normal use with one hand. In about 2 weeks of testing I still haven't found the quadra but I have experimented with some techniques that allow me to facilitate the use of the 6 Plus with my big hand and I decided to share my impressions with you.

Organize the home screen

The first thing that I did organize the apps I use most frequently in folders and I placed them at the bottom of the screen and in any case on the sides of each page so as to have quick access to the ones I use most.

Always use the same hand

It may be stupid but always using the same hand we will have a better touch and feel with the display in order to acquire more sensitivity and speed in the movements.

Hold the iPhone 6 Plus in the center

Not very simple, but I recommend that you hold the iPhone 6 Plus in the center in order to have access to the entire screen easily. Because if you hold the smartphone from below, you certainly won't reach the top with your thumb.


The so-called easy access introduced by Apple on the new iPhone 6 that allows you to reduce the upper part at the bottom of the screen so as to easily access even the part inaccessible by the fingers. You can activate it on any screen simply by double-tapping with the finger on the home button (tap only not full pressure).

The important cover

The cool but terribly slippery aluminum in the hands and the choice of the right cover that gives greater grip in the hands is fundamental. Choose a thin but at the same time rubber cover.

Do you have any other advice on how to use these giant one-handed smartphones? Write it in the comments.

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