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TiPaint: for two drops of paint.

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TiPaint: for two drops of paint. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

It seems the miraculous solution for those who see their precious PowerBook G4 ruined by unsightly black "points" due to abrasion or falls. But be careful … "it's not all Titanium that shines" !.

In fact, some readers have described the contents of the package: it is a small jar containing material for application on very small surfaces of your Titanium and the "application tools" are two very common toothpicks. The product performs its function including but do not think to use it for several times or on very large parts of the laptop: the bottle that contains the TiPaint that does not close watertight and therefore after a short time the paint can become dry.The advice is therefore to buy it only if the defects aesthetics of the laptop are reduced by extension and if you plan to share the purchase with a friend, to decide together a "common session" to apply all the product available at one time on multiple machines.

Moreover, a letter from a reader has just arrived, stating that the product has not been sent after regular payment and charge.

“Mine wants to be just a report (maybe to find out I'm not the only one): in early June I ordered the retouching kit (the combo one) on for my new Ti (well yes, it already has 'two very small scratches). Now after more than a month I find myself with the charge on the credit card (the amount is very modest but …) and without any news of my order. Among other things, I had chosen as the shipping method priority mail 2/3 days The thing that I didn't like right away is that the order confirmation page did not have any reference / order number or anything else that could be used to identify it in the future. once to the box indicated on their site, two weeks ago, without receiving any response… Since you broke the news long ago, I think it is the case that you warned the readers of Macity. I am very angry I made dozens of purchases on Internet without ever a serious problem or."

Let us know if you have had similar problems.

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