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Tinder makes you cupid with the "recommend to a friend" feature

If you find someone who might be interested in a friend by browsing the profiles, you can now "recommend"


The equivalent of "In my opinion there is a person you likeIs called on Tinder ?Recommend to a friend?. a new feature that appears on the screens (not everyone's, so it could be a test) that allows you to indicate an interesting profile to a friend.

The function is structured so that new users arrive on the app: under the profiles to browse, in fact, a sort of arrow appears and, if that was not evident enough, also a wording under the biography that reads "recommend Tizio to a friend" .

By clicking on one of its buttons, yes automatically create a text message, which reads ?I found a boy for you. Log in to Tinder and let me know what you think 🙂 "followed by the link. Those who already have the app installed can simply open it, and those who don't have it, install it.

It seems that these "tips" can be reflected on. Usually, to change his mind about a choice (heart for the "s", cross for the "no", orelative swipe), Tinder has activated a Cancel button, which for a fee. However, if you opt for a "no" to the recommended profile, and then go back to reopening the message received, it reappears as the first time. This is probably an oversight in the creation of the function, but for the moment a useful trick.


Another novelty, the activation of a button at the top of the home page to access the group exits page: if before it was necessary to switch from your profile icon to see who was organizing exits, or wait to see them appear among the profiles, now the app distinguishes the two, allowing you to switch from one option to another with a command at the top.

Go out in a group, recommend to a friend: Tinder winks at Facebook.


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