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Tinder launches a section for VIPs only and you are not invited


The details escape, but access to the new area of ​​the dating app will be reserved for VIPs and by invitation

It would work a little like the priv of a local: according to rumors, "Tinder Select" should be reserved for professional profiles such as managing directors, well-known names in fashion, influencers of various shapes and species. In theory, even super-users of the app, that is, those who use it often and appropriately (as this is to be understood, not yet known).

Exclusive access, therefore canyone who has access to Tinder Select can invite another personwhich, in turn, can do the same. According to the images that have been anticipated, the button for this new function would be located at the top, next to the one for group exit invitations. For the first time, the app would also introduce a new color (blue), to distinguish the level from that of the classic, orange user interface.


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