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Tinder gives in to the Snapchat effect

Snapchat continues to inspire more and more applications: this time the turn of the famous dating app

tinderverified copyA Tinder screen (verified profiles)

Whatever the future holds for Snapchat, one thing for sure: its functions will continue to feed those of other apps, constantly. so for Instagram, it is becoming so for Facebook and now, to collect the inheritance (which the Spiegel app tries to hold tight between the teeth), there is Tinder.

The ride was a bit more complex, because what made the dating app was to buy a company, Wheel, which presents itself as a collaborative platform to create "video stories".

According to reports from Business Insider, the discussion of the company whose 4 employees will move to Tinder's headquarters with the meeting application started a few months ago, even if the terms of the agreement have not been revealed.Paul Boukadakis, co-founder of Wheel, he explained that it was there communion of purpose to unite the two realities: ?What we were doing in terms of content was about connecting young people on collective creation. There was a lot of synergy between what we were doing and what they were doing ", commented.

What the app has so far shown it can do, entice the creation of videos around specific themes: how Tinder decides to integrate its creation skills on the one hand, and aggregation on the other, everything to see.


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