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Tim retouches the prices of Tuttocompreso + Option 2.0

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There is effervescence in the world of iPhone rates proposed by Tim. After varying the rates available for mobile phones by Mela (the Tuttocompreso 50 and the Tuttocompreso 80 + Option 2.0), reducing them to two, the largest mobile operator changes again, increasing them by 10 euros.

The change cannot be defined as favorable, given that it is an increase. The entry level monthly rate is in fact raised from 50 to 60 euros per month and from 80 to 90 euros per month. How to say that those who want to join the iPhone plan and buy an Apple phone at a discounted price will necessarily be obliged to charge an expense of at least 1440 euros over two years, 240 euros more than what was reported (and confirmed by telephone by 119 operators) this afternoon.

It is difficult to believe that the leap forward will be welcomed by Tim's customers willing to sign a contract with the included iPhone. On the other hand, during the afternoon there were several protest emails that we received in order to underline unfavorably the policy that actually increases the spending threshold to have access to the iPhone world. Before the change tonight, 840 euros in two years were enough (with the Tuttocompreso 35) to have a rate with a minimum of minutes included, now 1440 euros are needed, even if it is true that in exchange you have three times the minutes of Tuttocompreso.

Curiously Tim, despite having changed the rates (which for another difficult to understand why they continue to be called "50" and "80" this does not cost anymore 50 and 80 euros), has not eliminated the footnotes where we still talk about Tuttocompreso 90 and by Unlimited. According to reports from Tim operators, these two tariff options would no longer be activated, at least not with this name, given that Tuttocompreso 90 + Option 2.0, thanks to the increase in the last few hours, in fact the perfect cloning of Tuttocompreso 90 at least in terms of minutes and data.

Thanks for the report to Michele Lugaresi

Below the Tim rates, "before and after the treatment".