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Tim, for iPad monthly rates from 9 euros for 1 Gb and 19 for 3 GB

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Tim, for iPad monthly rates from 9 euros for 1 Gb and 19 for 3 GB –

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9 euros for 1 GB, 19 euros for 3 GB. Here are what, according to some sources, would be Tim's iPad rates. At the moment the Italian mobile operator has not yet officially released the costs for the Apple device but to whisper the indiscretion

Although it is always very difficult to compare the rates of the Italian mobile operators, it can be said that the two tariff bands are at the top in terms of cost among the three Italian mobile operators. The least expensive in the ratio between money spent and GB provided is that of 3 (5 euros for 3 GB per month); Vodafone offers 500 MB for 2 euro per day or 30 euro per month for 500 MB per day with an additional threshold at no additional cost with unlimited data even if at a speed of 64 kbps.

At the moment Tim has not yet formalized his rates but should do so shortly, probably during the day of Monday or Tuesday. The delay with which Tim arrives on iPad has aroused some perplexity in recent days in the specialized sites that have speculated that to put some pebbles in the gear of relationships (not always as easy as the iPhone affair also teaches) between the mobile arm of Telecom and Apple was the launch by Tim of an advance release compared to the signing of a formal agreement, which was also written differently from the canon adopted by all the other mobile operators and which also contained some errors (including a rather serious one on the iPad launch date).

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