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Tim Cook pocketed $ 11 million

In 2019 Apple CEO Tim Cook earned over $ 11 million in wages. what can be seen from data submitted to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), the US stock exchange supervisory body, in anticipation of the annual shareholders' meeting to be held in February in the Apple Park's Steve Jobs Theater.

Cook's earnings are derived from the base salary of $ 3 million, to which must be added $ 7.7 million in incentives paid for the performance of the title. Cook – reports Macrumors – received another $ 884,000 for "other compensation".

The "other compensation" includes insurance premiums, payments for the so-called 401k plan "(supplementary pension plan), 457.083 for safety-related expenses and 315.311 for the use of a private aircraft, both for business and personal travel.

Overall, Cook earned $ 4 million less than the $ 15 million raised in 2018. The salary reported in this data does not include captive shares received in 2019, non-equity incentives, and equity bonuses.

In 2019 Tim Cook made over 11 million dollars, not counting awards in stock options

Other Apple executives have earned a base salary close to $ 1 million, with stocks and incentives between $ 20 and $ 25 million. Luca Maestri, Kate Adams, and Jeff Williams have earned over $ 25 million.

Angela Ahrendts, who left the company earlier in the year, earned $ 22 million; the manager who took his place, Deirdre O?Brien, he made $ 19 million.